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· 8 min read
Hulk Lin

Kvrocks is an open-source key-value database that is based on rocksdb and compatible with Redis protocol. Intention to decrease the cost of memory and increase the capability while compared to Redis. We would focus on how we use RocksDB features to improve the performance of the Redis on disk. Hopes this helps people who want to improve performance on RocksDB.

· 7 min read
Hulk Lin

Most developers should be familiar with bitmap, in addition to the storage implementation for the bloom filter, and many databases also provide bitmap type indexes. For memory storage, the bitmap can be regarded as the special type of sparse bit array, which would not cause the read-write amplification issue (means read/write bytes far more than the request). While Redis supports bit-related operations on string types, it is a big challenge for disk KV-based storage like Kvrocks. So this article mainly discusses "How to reduce disk read/write amplification on RocksDB".